Hubzilla Bugfix Release 3.6.1!


  • Issue with apps pointing to wrong channel
  • Typo in SQL query
  • Federation addon issues

Please update ASAP!

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@Jens (public) Ignoring it won't help you a lot, git will refuse to merge the upstream changes unless you tell it what to do. Here's a better way:

% git stash
% ./util/udall
% git stash pop

The first line, will create a temporary commit, store your changes there, and clean your changes from the working dir. Then update as normal, and the last line will repply your changes, and drop the temporary commit created earlier.

Be aware that if there has been upstream changes to the file you changed locally, there may be conflicts.

The proper way of handling local changes is probably to create a branch containing your changes, and merging upstream changes into it for every update. Or create a mirror of the official repos with your changes applied :)
Ignoring it won't help you a lot

Until locally modified file is not differ from file in the repository this can be ignored. But git stash is more safe way of course.
thanks alot @Harald Eilertsen , noted for future updates
Hubzilla 3.6 Released!

The most notable change in the Hubzilla 3.6 release is probably the refactoring of the various activity filter/order options. Basically we got rid of the network tabs and replaced the functionality with two new widgets in left aside - activity_order and activity_filter. The order widget takes care of the various order possibilities - by commented date  (default), by posted date, by date unthreaded. The selected order is saved in the config and thus persistent.
The new filter widget displays all enabled filter options (privacy groups, personal posts, starred posts, forums etc.) in one widget. A new filter by contactname feature has been added and the notifications for unseen forum posts are now displayed in the notification widget. The privacy group management has been moved to the the panel chanel menu (your profile photo in the panel) and the management tool has been refactored.
The tags/mentions have been refactored and you will notice that the appearence of autofilled @mentions in the post editor look better readable now @{} instead of @channelname+365 before the change.
The cart addon has received major updates and has now support for paypal payments with automated fulfillment options (add buyer as contact, add buyer to privacy group and for admins only - change service class). A new gallery addon has been introduced to provide visitors of your channel a possibility to comfortably browse through your photo albums.

Other notable changes:

  • Webpage menus are now editable by visitors with webpage write permissions
  • Improve new channel creation workflow
  • Implement reset button for the post editor
  • Provide a general purpose GDPR document
  • Implement messagefilter for pubstream and sourced messages
  • Add supported federation protocols to siteinfo
  • Implement admin delete of files, photos and posts

A big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

To update an existing installation (installed via git) please execute util/udall from your Hubzilla webroot.
Please note that the source code has moved from to See this announcement for how to point your git repository to the new location if you have not done so yet.
If you participated in the RC testing, remember to git checkout master your core, addon and widget repositories before the update.

Please consider to support this project:

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@Max Kostikov I read your post with a translator, cool. One observation about the comments: content of ordinary items in hubzilla's database is not encrypted. It was in the past, but this didn't add much security since the keys must also be stored in the database, and it was stopping search from working properly, and lowering performance, among other things. Some content however remains ecnrypted, like private messages and chat, if I remember right.
@Alexandre Hannud Abdo yes, you are right about posts and comments. It makes no a lot of sense to encrypt messages and comments in the database.
Anyway, thank you and @kris for your attention and lets hope that we will gain more hubzillians from #russian speaking part of Internet.
Really like the gallery app! Thank you!
upload the directory hzwidgets into $hubzilla-root/extend/widget/

you don't have command line access? I think you also need to util/update_widget_repo hzwidgets (in order to create symliknks), but there may be a manual way to do that as well ... not sure

I put the repo content there and also ran the script (prompted done in the end), but the widgets don't how up in the admin->addon to enable them. Any idea?
to tell you the truth, I don't even remember "enabling" the widget in Admin ... I just added the mastofeed widget @ /pdledit/channel
Hubzilla 3.6RC Released!

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If you installed Hubzilla via git and running master branch, you are only a git checkout 3.6RC away from the next major Hubzilla release. Make sure to also git checkout 3.6RC the addons if you decide to join the RC testing.

If you have not pointed your git repos to the new Hubzilla source code location yet, please do so ASAP. Have a look at this post to see how to do it.

You are welcome to provide feedback in form of bugreports or pull requests on issues you might find. Also testing of addons/plugins is highly appreciated.

You can follow the progress of RC testing in this wiki. Please PM me for wiki write-access if desired.

For the changelog please have a look at the git history for now.
A condensed summary will follow with the version 3.6 release announcement.

Happy testing!

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And also @Test Channel ? is visible here now.
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Was very confused where the left-hand forums shortcuts went after updating. Maybe a new link in the "new members hints" section how to configure the activity filters to allow filtering for forums would help?
Otherwise everything seems to work fine over here.
Hubzilla Bugfix Release 3.4.1

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Core Fixes:

  • Say bye, bye to GitHub and move sourcecode repositories to
  • When removing a connection, don't remove items that are starred, filed or replied to
  • Do not show archived forums in forum widget
  • Fix potential XSS vulnerabilities
  • Translation updates
  • Fix postresql issue with oauth2
  • Improve abconfig queries
  • Fix postgresql issue if register mode was set to yes - with approval

Addon Fixes

  • Diaspora: fix likes of non-contacts not allowed to like allthough diaspora_public_comments is set
  • Pubcrawl: fix wrong hubloc url
  • Pubcrawl: fix issues with attachments
  • Pubcrawl: fetch required item metadata in asfetch_item()
  • Cavatar: use cavatar for all default profile photos if enabled
  • Pubcrawl: fix peertube video display
  • Pubcrawl: fix incoming activitypub comments not getting propagated downstream
  • Statistics: fix .well-known/nodeinfo
  • Pubsubhubbub: fix postgresql related issues
  • Pubcrawl: send the original LD-signature signed activity when distributing comments downstream if we have it
  • Cavatar: improve the image creation process

This update fixes security issues. Please update core and addons as soon as possible!

If you have not changed your remote url yet, please refer to this announcement on how to do so.

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I would not want to ruin the beautiful day, but, concern 'addon not fixed' ( diaspora)  ... we have this problem quite urgently (IMHO)
Ah... I see... You need a taged release:
Bye, bye GitHub!

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You all probably already noticed that GitHub was recently bought by Microsoft. See here if you have not.

After a brief orientation period the Hubzilla community decided to move the sourcecode to an independent, freedom-loving GitLab instance at Framasofts

To get the latest and greatest Hubzilla code, you need to point your installation to the new sourcecode location. This is pretty simple:

cd into your Hubzilla root directory and execute this command:
git remote set-url origin

For the addons: cd into your Hubzilla addons directory (probably extend/addon/hzaddons) and execute this command:
git remote set-url origin

Please do the same for the widget and theme repos if you already added those from GitHub.

The GitHub repos will not receive any updates anymore but will stay intact for a short transition period.
Issues and bugreports should be reported and discussed at for core and for addon issues.

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The github repository is now locked (read-only) and Transifex has been updated to the new location.
Also: Transifex was still calling the project redmatrix. I've updated all the links and project references. It's still a part of the 'Friendica' organization, which will probably need to get changed at some point.  I'm currently sharing project ownership with fabrixxm and bavatar which is fine; but if we end up with some of the more hostile Friendica devs in that role there could be some undesirable friction.
(probably extend/addon/hzaddons)

I dont have such directory, were can i find it?
Where can i find the widgets directory?
Hubzilla 3.4 Released!

For Hubzilla 3.4 we focused on overall usability improvements. A new permission role (social - federation) has been introduced. This is the most permissive role we provide and it aligns well with the capabilities of the protocols we federate with (diaspora, activitypub, ostatus).

An autosave functionality for posts and comments has been implemented. Posts and comments are now autosaved to the browsers local storage (no, we don't send your unfinished work to the server). If you accidentally reload your window or navigate somewhere else, you will not loose your work anymore. When you return back to your unsent post or comment, the text will be waiting there for you as if nothing happened. This functionality is enabled by default and can be disabled in additional features > post composition features settings if desired.

The technical skill level setting has been merged and streamlined with the additional features page. This makes it easier to adjust the skill level to a comfortable value.

Another important change to mention here is that the author menu has been moved from the item dropdown menu (bottom-right of posts and comments) to the author photo. All author related functions are now accessible directly by clicking the author photo.

Last but not least some of the redbasic theme schemas have been renamed to better reflect their purpose in the naming. The simple_* schemas are unmaintained at the moment and were therefore marked deprecated. If nobody from the community steps up and maintains them, they will be removed with the next release. Due to the renaming of the schemas you will have to set your schema again after your hub has been updated. This does not affect you if you are using the default schema (Focus).

Other notable changes:

  • Introduced trending tags for the public stream app
  • Implemented visible star status for starred posts
  • Fix issue where we were forced to log back in after leaving a delegated channel
  • Implemented last commented expiration setting for admins
  • Implement OAuth2/OpenIDConnect server
  • Chats are now saved obscurified in the DB (just like private mails)
  • Introduced a simple way to share links to wiki pages
  • The new member widget has been converted to a feature - it can now be turned on/off
  • Initial support for alternative sort orders on the cloud pages
  • Postgresql fixes
  • Introduction of the e-commerce/cart addon (beta - experimental)
  • Introduction of the fuzzloc addon - blur your browser location
  • Improved interoperability with mastodon (activitypub)
  • Numerous bugfixes and overall improvements

As always, a big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

To update an existing installation (installed via git) please execute util/udall from your Hubzilla webroot.
If you participated in the RC testing, remember to git checkout master (core and addon) before the update.

Please consider to support this project:

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@Ramdziana is still on 3.2.
Social - Federation is a new permission role and is not related to the federation plugins (diaspora, activitypub, ostatus).
I think you are confusing the new channel permission role "Social - Federation" with the ability to federate via the optional addons that must be installed by individual hub admins, Ramdziana. For reference, the help pages describe the new channel permission role like this:

The channel is a very permissive social networking profile which is compatible with other federated social networks. The permission policies are similar to Twitter and mostly compatible with Diaspora and Mastodon. Privacy is a lower priority than ease of access and connecting with others. Anybody in the network can comment on your public posts and send you private mail. By default posts and published items are public, but you can over-ride this when creating the item and restrict it. You are listed in the directory. Your online presence and connections are visible to others. This mode may increase your exposure to undesired communications and spam. This role is not generally recommended unless you need to interact regularly with members of other networks.  
Thanks for your explanation @Mario Vavti @Andrew Manning :) Yep, I knew between addons which I must enable when I want federation in my own hub and this new permission role in 3.4. I'm confuse when giac said about plugin, sorry english isn't my native language :D
Important: anonymous comment permission patch

 High Range, Australia,  
!Hubzilla Support Forum !Hubzilla Announcements

It was brought to our attention that some channels have been configured with anonymous (WordPress style) comment permissions which should not have been. This affects a number of newly created channels.

Step 1:

If you are a hub administrator and are running master (3.2.x), dev (3.5), or 3.4RC, please execute 'git pull' from the project root directory now. If you are running a prior release, this particular issue may not affect you; but you are encouraged to update in any event.

If you are running the dev branch on your site, no further action is necessary.

Step 2:

If your site is running a release or pre-release version such as master (3.2.x) or 3.4RC please change to your project root directory and create a new file using the following code snippet. This file should be named Zotlabs/Module/Fix20180421.php and the text '<?php' should be on the very first line of the file. The capitalisation in the filename is important.

namespace Zotlabs\Module;

class Fix20180421 extends \Zotlabs\Web\Controller {

    function get() {

        if(! is_site_admin())

        $r = q("select channel_id from channel where true");
        if($r) {
            foreach($r as $rv) {
                $role = get_pconfig($rv['channel_id'],'system','permissions_role');
                if($role !== 'custom') {
                    $role_permissions = \Zotlabs\Access\PermissionRoles::role_perms($role);
                    if(array_key_exists('limits',$role_permissions) && array_key_exists('post_comments',$role_permissions['limits'])) {

        return 'Update has been applied';



Step 3.

Visit while logged into the hub administrator account. Note that you will use lowercase for the path here.

You should see the text 'Update has been applied'. When you see this text, from the command shell

% rm Zotlabs/Module/Fix20180421.php

Apologies for the inconvenience.
If your site isn't git enabled do whatever you have to do to get the file Zotlabs/Access/PermissionLimits.php from the project repository to your website.
Rocky, did you originally install Hubzilla using git? If not, you won't be able to run git pull, in which case I would do what Mike recommends and make sure you grab that PermissionLimits.php file and upload it to your installation.
Hubzilla 3.4RC Released!

If you installed Hubzilla via git and running master branch, you are only a git checkout 3.4RC away from the next major Hubzilla release. Make sure to also git checkout 3.4RC the addons if you decide to join the RC testing.

You are welcome to provide feedback in form of bugreports or pull requests on issues you might find. Also testing of addons/plugins is highly appreciated.

You can follow the progress of RC testing in this wiki. I have added a new section to the wiki called Basic Federation Protocol Testing. It is highly appreciated to report back on those checkpoints to ensure there are no glaring issues concerning the federation. Please PM me for wiki write-access if desired.

For the changelog please have a look at the git history for now.
A condensed summary will follow with the version 3.4 release announcement.

Happy testing!

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No issues so far after "git pull" in hubzilla and hubzilla/addon directory. Alas, no database update needed this time... ;)
Update _1210 wurde erfolgreich ausgeführt.

Ausführen von _1211 fehlgeschlagen. Überprüfe die Systemprotokolle.
2018-07-07 15:09:52.409 GMT hubzilla hubzilla ERROR:  column "channel_active" of relation "channel" already exists
2018-07-07 15:09:52.409 GMT hubzilla hubzilla STATEMENT:  ALTER TABLE channel ADD channel_active timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT '0001-01-01 00:00:00' ;
2018-07-07 15:09:52.411 GMT hubzilla hubzilla ERROR:  relation "channel_active_idx" already exists
2018-07-07 15:09:52.411 GMT hubzilla hubzilla STATEMENT:  create index "channel_active_idx" on channel ("channel_active");

Postgresql tables shows this:

hubzilla-# \d channel
                                                   Table ""
         Column         |            Type             |                              Modifiers
channel_id             | integer                     | not null default nextval('channel_channel_id_seq'::regclass)
channel_account_id     | bigint                      | not null default 0
channel_primary        | numeric(1,0)                | not null default 0
channel_name           | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_address        | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_guid           | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_guid_sig       | text                        | not null
channel_hash           | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_timezone       | character varying(128)      | not null default 'UTC'::character varying
channel_location       | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_theme          | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_startpage      | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_pubkey         | text                        | not null
channel_prvkey         | text                        | not null
channel_notifyflags    | bigint                      | not null default 65535
channel_pageflags      | bigint                      | not null default 0
channel_dirdate        | timestamp without time zone | not null default '0001-01-01 00:00:00'::timestamp without time zone
channel_lastpost       | timestamp without time zone | not null default '0001-01-01 00:00:00'::timestamp without time zone
channel_deleted        | timestamp without time zone | not null default '0001-01-01 00:00:00'::timestamp without time zone
channel_max_anon_mail  | bigint                      | not null default 10
channel_max_friend_req | bigint                      | not null default 10
channel_expire_days    | bigint                      | not null default 0
channel_passwd_reset   | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_default_group  | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_allow_cid      | text                        |
channel_allow_gid      | text                        |
channel_deny_cid       | text                        |
channel_deny_gid       | text                        |
channel_removed        | smallint                    | not null default '0'::smallint
channel_system         | smallint                    | not null default '0'::smallint
channel_moved          | text                        | not null default ''::text
channel_password       | character varying(255)      | not null
channel_salt           | character varying(255)      | not null
channel_active         | timestamp without time zone | not null default '0001-01-01 00:00:00'::timestamp without time zone
    "channel_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (channel_id)
    "channel_channel_address_key" UNIQUE CONSTRAINT, btree (channel_address)
    "channel_account_id" btree (channel_account_id)
    "channel_active" btree (channel_active)
    "channel_active_idx" btree (channel_active)
    "channel_default_gid" btree (channel_default_group)
    "channel_deleted" btree (channel_deleted)
    "channel_dirdate" btree (channel_dirdate)
    "channel_expire_days" btree (channel_expire_days)
    "channel_guid" btree (channel_guid)
    "channel_hash" btree (channel_hash)
    "channel_lastpost" btree (channel_lastpost)
    "channel_location" btree (channel_location)
    "channel_max_anon_mail" btree (channel_max_anon_mail)
    "channel_max_friend_req" btree (channel_max_friend_req)
    "channel_moved" btree (channel_moved)
    "channel_name" btree (channel_name)
    "channel_notifyflags" btree (channel_notifyflags)
    "channel_pageflags" btree (channel_pageflags)
    "channel_primary" btree (channel_primary)
    "channel_removed" btree (channel_removed)
    "channel_system" btree (channel_system)
    "channel_theme" btree (channel_theme)
    "channel_timezone" btree (channel_timezone)
hubzilla-# \di channel_active_idx
                    List of relations
Schema |        Name        | Type  |  Owner   |  Table  
public | channel_active_idx | index | hubzilla | channel
(1 row)

So I assume that DB update 1211 has been successfully applied, but still: dbsync should check if the changes already has been applied and not failing with that errors.

Update _1212 wurde erfolgreich ausgeführt.

Update _1213 lieferte keinen Rückgabewert. Erfolg unbekannt.
No return code, success unknown, so looking at it...

DB update 1213 seems to be only for mysql according to this: if(ACTIVE_DBTYPE == DBTYPE_MYSQL).

Ok, on with 1214...
Update _1214 wurde erfolgreich ausgeführt.
went well...

And now 1215:
Update _1215 wurde erfolgreich ausgeführt.
is ok as well...

Ok, clicking on DB updates again ( and shows:
Keine fehlgeschlagenen Aktualisierungen. - no failed updates.

Hmmm... and why did 1214 failed now some days ago? Heisen-bug? ;)
Update 1214 failed initially because it was dependent on 1210 which apparently wasn't applied at that time. Some later updates succeeded. You're welcome to try and improve the update system. It's not too hard to check for the actual table columns but checking indexes can be very difficult.

Most of the recent problems have been due to postgres compatibility. My own work comes to hubzilla from a different project upstream (red) and I don't personally support postgres, although I do nothing to prevent it working and I do attempt to make my updates compatible with it. Since Hubzilla supports postgres this sort of requires every update coming from red to be tested on postgres. Mario has tried to do this but he could probably use some help.
Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start will be unavailable until migration is complete.

Hubzilla ⟩⟩ Start will be unavailable until migration is complete. Thank you for your patience.
Migration appears to be successful!
Hubzilla Bugfix Release 3.2.2

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Core Fixes:

  • Fix login/out buttons not visible at medium screensize
  • Fix display and link issues with quoted tags
  • Don't include the q and PHPSESSID request variables in a redirected rpost
  • Fix php warning when a term entry has no url
  • Fix existing categories not preserved when updating an app from an embed source
  • Fix app sellpage not being stored
  • Remove workaraound for < and > in markdown conversion
  • Fix tagadelic being overly protective of permissions
  • Make list mode work in cards and articles
  • Fix alt pager for articles and cards
  • Fix comments not displayed in single card/article view
  • Use transform to scale emojis to prevent text jumping on hover
  • Add Ochannel module to make gnu-social happy

Addon Fixes:

  • Diaspora: fix conversion of forum mentions to markdown by providing a !{forum@host} link syntax
  • Diaspora: fix item title not getting transferred
  • Pubcrawl: fix announce in regard to recent changes in pubcrawl_import_author()
  • Pubcrawl: convert PKCS#1 (RSA) keys to PKCS#8 if we encounter one on the inbound side
  • Rendezvous: use fork-awesome icons and improve the rendezvous list format
  • Webmention: fix missing require html5 parser
  • Gnu-Social: provide alternative xchan_url (ochannel) to provide ofeed on lookup

Please update core and addons as soon as possible!

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Hello Hubmins!

  last edited: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 05:15:43 -0400  
If you long for a shiny Hubzilla logo in your navbar, you can now simply use this code <i class="fa fa-hubzilla"></i> infront of your text in /admin/site > Banner/Logo.

This is provided by the fork-awesome icon set which we now use in the redbasic theme.

!Hubzilla Announcements !Hubzilla Support Forum
Ahh, jetzt kann ich endlich auch kommentiert. Hab ich auch direkt bei mir umgesetzt. Sehr hübsch. Danke :-)
@Einer von Vielen dein Text sollte nach dem i-tag sein: <i class="fa fa-hubzilla"></i> Paradies
@Mario Vavti Danke!
Hubzilla 3.2.1 Bugfix Release!

  last edited: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 13:22:01 -0400  
Fixed issues:

  • Translation updates
  • Fix obscure permission issue with custom permissions when using the highly discouraged advisory privacy modes. Thanks to Thorsten, Einer von Vielen and Phellmes for pointing that out.
  • Fix PHP warning in /admin/site
  • Update mysql schema
  • Fix double notifications for diaspora private messages
  • Fix diaspora v2 outbound profile messages missing key_id
  • Fix PHP error in phpmailer addon

This update includes an important security fix. Please update as soon as possible!

If somebody at your hub is affected by the mentioned permission issue (which is not very likely) you will need to execute this SQL query to fix eventual affected posts:

UPDATE item SET public_policy = ''
    WHERE public_policy != ''
    AND ( allow_cid != '' OR allow_gid != '' OR deny_cid != '' OR deny_gid != '');

!Hubzilla Announcements !Hubzilla Support Forum
Done !

Hi Elkon,
you have to create a pullrequest to our github repo. @Manuel or @phellmes can possibly help you with this.

Thanks for translating Hubzilla!
Hubzilla 3.2 Released!

The Hubzilla 3.2 release cycle was mostly dedicated to performance and usability improvements. We have managed to significantly improve the performance of item table queries. This means that the network and channel streams and also the notification updates are loading significantly faster now. In fact the whole app feels snappier.
Under the hood performance has been improved by implementing the zot6 protocol for item deliveries. This saves a verification callback and basically doubles delivery performance on both ends of the connection.
The user experience has been enhanced by streamlining the registration and channel creation process. A new member widget has been introduced to provide easy accessible, useful links for newcomers.
Work is being done to implement cross protocol compatible shares, polls, and events. This work is ongoing and about half way implemented.

Here is the list of the most notable changes:

  • Rename Addon/Feature settings to Addon Settings
  • Move privacy groups feature setting to the newly created Access Control and Permissions features tab
  • Require directory servers to be using some modern form of encryption
  • Change icon set from font-awesome to fork-awesome
  • Mark connections where we do not have post_comments permissions with an no entry sign
  • Provide DB compatibility for poll and voting implementations across several platforms
  • Introduce the summary bbcode
  • Refactor the DB update system
  • Provide option to block the public stream unless authenticated
  • Refactor shares and turn shares into activities
  • Show likes and dislikes in notices if always_show_in_notices is set
  • Implement zot6 delivery
  • Remove mobile_detect library
  • Alter image selection widget to accept/submit on choose
  • Surface the ability to change the landing page after channel creation
  • New module "go" to present several possible things to do after channel creation
  • Improve browser language detection
  • New image cropper library to also support touch devices
  • Provide channel list function in the zot api
  • Introduce a local pubstream option to show content from this site only
  • Introduce the articles feature
  • Markdown in posts/comments feature moved to plugins
  • Support for tables in markdown
  • Numerous code simplifications, general cleanup and bugfixes

A big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

Please consider to support this project:

!Hubzilla Announcements !Hubzilla Support Forum
Show likes and dislikes in notices if always_show_in_notices is set

My initial thought was that this could be used to show fewer likes/dislikes, but after being unsuccessful in causing that to happen and reading it several more time, I think I've realized that its only purpose is to show more likes/dislikes. Is this correct?
@marshall we were not showing likes and dislikes in notices when always_show_in_notices was on. We do so now.
There are filters to just show toplevel posts for home and network notifications...
I was hoping someone had read my mind and had given me a way to hide likes/dislikes in the network activity notifications, :-). There is an option for showing just new posts, but if you want comment notifications, you get likes and dislikes. If I recall, behind the scenes they are actually comments, so that is understandable.
Hubzilla 3.2RC Released!

If you installed Hubzilla via git and running master branch, you are only a git checkout 3.2RC away from the next major Hubzilla release. Make sure to also git checkout 3.2RC the addons if you decide to join the RC testing.

You are welcome to provide feedback in form of bugreports or pull requests on issues you might find. Also testing of addons/plugins is highly appreciated.

You can follow the progress of RC testing in this wiki. Keep in mind that the wiki is not yet complete. Please PM me for write-access if desired.

For the changelog please have a look at the git history for now.

A condensed summary will follow with the version 3.2 release announcement.

Happy testing!

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We have just released RC1 with some last minute usability improvements, bugfixes and string updates.
Create a new account with RC1 and let us know what you think.
We are now at RC3 including another bunch of bugfixes. Honestly, i would like to see some more RC testers at this point :grin:
Hubzilla 3.0.1 Bugfix Release

  • fix remote authentication for reinstalled sites - github issue #953

This is an urgent fix. Please update your site ASAP.

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Updated! =)
Hubzilla 3.0 Released!

This release is dedicated to the memory of Tony Baldwin a.k.a. Tazman, a Friendica/Redmatrix/Hubzilla enthusiast and contributor, who passed away last week.

Before pointing out the notable changes in the 3.0 release, here is a summary of what we accomplished during the version 2 release cycle (2017). We released 4 shiny Hubzilla versions with about 3101 commits from 21 contributors. The main focus was on:

  • CalDAV/CardDAV integration
    In Q1 2017, we made a strong effort to merge CalDAV and CardDAV into Hubzilla as a native interface. This would allow easy federation with events and contacts amongst hundreds/thousands of existing utilities. Significant progress was made (and this led to several new features) but the effort stalled around March. We were not (at the time) able to resolve serious incompatibilities with nomadic identity, access control, server-to-server authentication, and rich-text support. Significant progress was made in all of these areas over the remaining course of the year however, and this integration effort is expected to resume in early 2018.
  • Consolidation of server roles
    Server roles were removed/merged early in the year. These were initially provided to solve incompatibilities between nomadic identity and external network federation (such as Diaspora, GNU-Social, and later Mastodon). The incompatibilities still exist. It was decided that network federation should be available to anybody who wants it; and they can decide how important channel backup and live mirroring is to them personally. If a hub administrator wishes to make that decision at a site level, they can do so by not installing the external network addons.
  • Communication protocols
    Once a resolution was reached regarding Server Roles, work proceeded in earnest upgrading and extending the external network protocol addons (Diaspora, OStatus, and later the emergent ActivityPub protocol). Each of these underwent huge development efforts. The Diaspora protocol was completely upgraded to the "new protocol". Ostatus was extended to provide better compatibility with Mastodon and "conversation fetching" added to solve known issues with the OStatus delivery model. We had one of (if not) the first available working implementations of the ActivityPub protocol some time in June or July. It wasn't officially released until Q3 2017, which was a couple of months after the first official Mastodon ActivityPub release.
    Our primary protocol (zot) has been in use for over five years. While still being well suited to its task, is starting to show signs of age. In 2016 it underwent a number of crypto improvements to help 'future-proof' it. Work began on Zot/6 in Q3 2017 to bring it up to the present state of the art. This work is ongoing and the full benefits won't be seen until Q2 2018 (projected), but pieces of the new protocol are already in place and improving things right now. The first major piece was OpenWebAuth, which builds on HTTPSignatures to provide a streamlined and standards-based cross-domain authentication layer.
  • Theme and UI
    Project navigation and the notification system were the primary focus of UI/UX development. Navigation and the pre-existing 'Apps' feature were first integrated and then extended. Then the notification system was moved from the top 'navbar' to a dedicated page widget in the base theme, integrating it more closely with the content.
  • Media/Files
    Cloud storage and media management underwent signficant development, climaxing in Q4 2017. One of the first components of this work was to provide uploads of "unlimited" size across all the existing tools; instead
    of only through WebDAV. Processing of photos was also reworked to handle the larger images from state of the art digital cameras; which were causing memory issues in the original architecture. Finally a 'tile view' was added to the cloud/file web viewer providing a more modern looking page.
  • Core
    Documenting all of the previous work and efforts required improvements in the Wiki and Webpage content features, and 'Cards' were added to provide interactive development documentation. We also provided the ability to create third-party Widgets and share them just like addons and themes, extending earlier work in this area. The project has been updated to work seamlessly with PHP7.2 and recent version of MySQL and Postgres. Many libraries have been moved to 'composer' (the PHP package manager) and the unit test system enhanced in a number of ways. Documentation has been improved dramatically (although this is a continued effort).

During the course of all of this development work, we've continued to listen to suggestions and issues which have been encountered by members, and have cleaned up and fixed many other areas that were lacking.

Notable changes in Hubzilla 3.0
  • The remote home link (the "Take me home" menu button in your personal menu on other websites of the hubzilla network) now does not bring you to channel home anymore but only to the domain root. This will bring you to the Activity app by default if you are logged in or to the login page if you are not logged in at your home hub anymore.
  • The techlevel for new accounts will be raised from 0 to 1 automatically after some active participation (connecting to other channels, creating posts, etc.).
  • We implemented chunked uploads for the photos and cloud modules in addition to wall uploads where we had this feature quite a while already.
  • A filter for notification to show new posts only has been added
  • Live updates and notifications updates have been reworked. We now first do the live update and then update the notifications.
  • We now have a system config option for minimum registration age
  • We implemented a tile view for the cloud module and added thumbnail generators for the most popular file types
  • A new experimental startpage module (hq) has been introduced. This provides a simple page with the latest toplevel post, notifications and the possibility to create a new post. You can make this your default startpage via the startpage addon.
  • We now provide the ability to pin apps to the navbar
  • Private forums have been added to the forum widget
  • We added another delivery control parameter (queue threshold) for sites which had issues with too many immediate deliveries at the same time. This parameter defaults to 300 which is quite conservative. Admins should adjust this setting according to what their hardware can handle.
  • Hubzilla is now ready for PHP 7.2
  • The js_upload addon has been removed. We now handle multiple file uploads natively.
  • We removed the Firefox social plugin - it was deprecated and removed in Firefox version 57

Hubzilla 3 release cycle preview
  • Continued integration of CalDAV/CardDAV
  • Continued implementation of Zot/6
  • E-Commerce solution

As always a big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

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It is not set by default. util/config system minimum_age 18 eill set it to 18 for you.
Hubzilla-3.0RC Released!

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If you installed Hubzilla via git and running master branch, you are only a git checkout 3.0RC away from the next major Hubzilla release. Make sure to also git checkout 3.0RC the addons if you upgrade.

Please help us test this RC and provide feedback in form of bugreports or pull requests on issues you might find. Also testing of addons/plugins is highly appreciated.

You can follow the progress of RC testing in this wiki. Keep in mind that the wiki is not yet complete. Please PM me for write-access if desired.

For the changelog please have a look at the git history for now.

A condensed summary will follow with the version 3.0 release announcement.

Happy testing!

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Changed to 3.0RC ?
Hubzilla 2.8.1 Released!

This, for once, is not a pure bugfix release. Some neat little new features have been included. Most notable is probably that notification links from network and channel notifications load via ajax now. This makes zaping through notifications easier and faster. Please also notice the bulk of diaspora addon fixes. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Rename channel app events to calendar and add nav_set_selected() to /cal
  • Load notifications links to /display via ajax if we are already in /display
  • Add location info to the navbar for remote visitors
  • Bring back tabindex to submit comments
  • Add spanish translations for context help
  • Added mode to portfolio widget

Core bugfixes
  • Fix os_syspath in DAV file put operation so that photos will scale correctly
  • Fix unicode characters in urls tripping up url regexes - github issue #901
  • Fix wiki pages not updating after creating new page
  • Fix notifications covered by cover photo on medium size screens - github issue #906
  • Fix unable to change permissions on wiki with space in name
  • Fix only show nav app link if we have a selected app
  • Fix unable to mark all messages read
  • Fix imagedata not set correctly if large photo and imagick is not installed
  • Fix issues with diaspora xchans
  • Fix profile photo issue triggered by a previous bug

  • N-S-F-W: improve the undocumented n-s-f-w author::word feature
  • Diaspora: update the import_diaspora tool for the version 2.0 account export files
  • Diaspora: fix comments are partly containing "diaspora_handle" instead of "author" - github issue #69
  • Pubcrawl: provide feature setting for downgrade_media option
  • Pubcrawl: fix issue where replies to replies did not find its parent
  • Diaspora: fix friendica likes on comments
  • Diaspora: fix private mail
  • Diaspora: fix third party deletes/retractions not propagating
  • Diaspora: likes not working - github issue #895 in core
  • Diaspora: fix comments from unknown persons not accepted if allow public comments is enabled - github issue #68
  • XMPP: fix php warning

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@h.ear.t | tobias no action needed. /cal is your visitors view of your /events and has been there quite a while...
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@Mario Vavti ah, ok. Then I have misunderstood that changelog entry. Did not know *that* so far.
I thought /events had been *renamed*. Sorry, I did not understand the actual change. (Tbh, I still don't but suspect it's more under the hood.).
/cal is your "shareable" (and read-only) calendar. /events is your personal/private (and read/write) calendar. Under the hood this help us keep bad people from doing bad things.
Hubzilla-2.8 Released!

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This release is another giant step towards Hubzilla-3.0. Besides the introduction of the pubcrawl plugin (our implemnentation of the activitypub protocol) we replaced the famous Zot Magic-Auth with the lightning fast Open-Web-Auth which is part of next generation Zot aka Zot VI. Open-Web-Auth is now also implemented for server to server communications. This will allow us to access API and DAV services easily without using OAuth or passwords or storing cookies server side.

Besides the extended work under the hood we also implemented many usability improvements. The notifications were moved from the panel to the right column, which was not used by default until now. Also we display the active app name (with a link to the top level of the app) next to the profile menu in the navbar now. Last but not least app-tray apps can be pinned to the panel via the navbar_default app category now. This feature is still experimental and might be implemented in a different way in the next release.

Here is a list of the most prominent changes:

  • Provide support for HTTP signatures
  • New cards feature
  • Disovery tab removed in favour of the public dtream app
  • Provide support for JSON-LD signatures
  • Server to server magic auth
  • Implement Open-Web-Auth
  • Wiki ACL and names can now be edited after creation
  • Various small database performance improvements
  • Encrypt delivery reports (not backward compatible)
  • Provide ability to mention a forum by using !forumname (not backward compatible)
  • Updated the trusted CA cert database
  • Implement new css based spinner
  • Implement admin setting to use imagick converter for large photos
  • New notification types:
    • Unseen shared files
    • Unseen public stream posts (off by default)
    • New account approvals (admin only)
  • Keep updating notifications for the opened notifications area
  • Introduce custom navbars

  • Introduce the pubcrawl plugin (activitypub protocol)
  • Introduce the gravatar plugin
  • Federation improvements for the Diaspora plugin
  • Federation improvements for the GNU-Social plugin

  • Fix w2w posts not removed when a channel was removed from connections
  • Fix profile thing image not deleted when thing deleted
  • Fix deletions to comments not synced on wall posts
  • Fix community tags not preserved on post edit
  • Fix profile photo propagation issue in combination with channel cloning
  • Fix selected theme not appearing selected after change
  • Fix an issue where some posts were not displayed in mod display
  • Fix last remaining task in tasklist not removed from view when completed
  • Uncountable little fixes to improve usability and app stability in general

For a more detailed change log have a look here.

As always a big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

Please consider to support this project:

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Let's party!

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by Jazzman2696 on YouTube and the project webpage release "sticky note" at were updated yesterday. Keep up the good work!
I agree with Einer von Vielen  it works really fine.