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Updates to the Hubzilla project infrastructure

This week you will see some changes to the Hubzilla project infrastructure.

  • The official Hubzilla project webpage at will be moving to a new dedicated virtual private server and will be powered by the Hubzilla Webpages system on a new project hub. Collaboration on the Hubzilla project website code itself will continue using the webpage GitHub repo and the webpage element import tool. The tentative plan is to direct to such that the Hubzilla project domain does not get tied to a particular hub instance and provides some flexibility.
  • The Hubzilla Announcements and Hubzilla Development channels have primary clones at now, and the links on the project webpage will link to those locations.
  • The project webpage link to real-time chat takes visitors to a dedicated Hubzilla "room" in the decentralized Matrix network via the Riot web app. If we choose to develop the native Hubzilla chat system to support this use case, we may one day transition this to a native real-time chat solution.
  • The Donate section of the project webpage links to to better represent that donations are for the Hubzilla project, although for now Mike Macgirvin remains the only team member actually receiving donations.
  • Finally, the project webpage "Try a demo" link now takes visitors to an actual demonstration hub instead of a registration screen, where they are automatically logged in as a fictional character on a hub that resets its state every ten minutes. This significantly lowers the barrier to casually exploring the software and will hopefully help grow our developer community.
Hubzilla Announcements
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