Andrew Manning
@Mario Vavti The new "nested" menu in the app menu (42d139e) is completely white for me using default settings. It is white text on a white background.

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Mario Vavti
Not sure which menu you are talking about.
Mario Vavti
Oh... I see that on
That should not actually be there and i don't know where it comes from...

я начал переводить домашнюю страничку Hubzilla на русский язык. Набросал короткое руководство для использования Github для объединения русских текстов домашней странички от разных авторов. Здесь странички для перевода. Здесь то, что я успел перевести на русский - #faq, #intro и #navbar -секции.

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Einer von Vielen
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Site is unavailable at the moment. Message
Apologies but this site is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later.

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Andrew Manning
I rebooted the server, and it's back online now. I'm not sure what happened there. If it happens again I'll have to investigate.
Andrew Manning
This is happening frequently now. Hopefully I can determine why it's happening quickly.
Andrew Manning
Thanks; I figured that part out. Now I'll need to troubleshoot why MariaDB is failing. Unfortunately I won't have time to work on it until this evening (+12 hours).
@Andrew Manning I import here merged hubzilla-website/lang/de/ from 23.04.2017 and get the message No webpage elements detected.

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Andrew Manning
Sorry, that was sloppy of me for not testing the file I created. I made the zip file with the content folders buried under "lang/de" which doesn't work. When I created the zip file correctly, I could import the elements.

However, the page is broken. This is because we will need to include the pieces that are not language-specific.

Really, though, we should step back and re-think the page construction. For simplicity I think we need to consolidate the code into just one or two blocks: one for all the language-independent data (CSS, JavaScript, etc) and one for the content. Or maybe there is something even more fundamental we need to consider. I'll think of ideas.
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Can may be language-sensitive approach help?
neue medienordnung plus
I need examples for that
This is because we will need to include the pieces that are not language-specific.
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Andrew Manning
I think the broken page is related to changes in the dev branch that is running. @Mario Vavti has been working on updating Bootstrap, and perhaps something broke because of that. I'm still investigating.
Andrew Manning
I refactored the page to simplify things. Now there is only a layout and a single page, containing all the content. The assets must be served from a publicly accessible place. This version is running live on now.

There is a browser-based problem, which is that if you serve the assets from a remote location, the browser blocks them. On I'm getting these errors loading the page after importing v5:

Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at (“style-src 'unsafe-inline'”).
Andrew Manning
The more I work with this the more I'm starting to think we should really improve the import system to include assets sooner than later. We should choose a convention for where to store these assets (e.g. ) or provide a user-configurable location and automatically copy the assets into that location. In addition, we will need a markup for the baseurl in the page source code that will be replaced by the import tool to match the hub address (something like {{$baseurl}} to be consistent with the Hubzilla page template system). I will start working on this.
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I enabled here "Provide managed web pages on your channel", but I cann't create web pages on demo-hub. Is it a bug or feature?

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OK, when I directly load the URL , then can I create web page. But I misse web page menu here:

Thank you, Mario Vavti :).
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What benefits has WebApp in AppsMenu in comparsion with one -Bookmark in my Browser-Bookmarklist :)?
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Here SERP Preview for Hubzilla Project in "SERP Preview"-Segment see you, how the Hubzilla project-site is representated in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).


Ttherefore my suggestions for the Hubzilla-homepage are these:
<title>Hubzilla - Build a community of connected websites</title>
<meta name="description" content="Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology." />

My suggestion is also for better SERP-ranking in <hx>Header-String</hx>
H2    Hubzilla 2.2 released
H2    Decentralized network of hubs: the grid
H2    Channels and Connections
H2    Nomadic Identity and Cloning
H2    Access control across the web
H2    Got Zot?
H3    Plugins
H3    Web Building Toolkit
H3    Social Networking
H3    Cloud File Storage
H3    Themes
H3    Events
H3    API
H3    Freedom
H2    Download Hubzilla
H2    Developers
H2    Donate to the Hubzilla Project

purposeful many target-group-specific-keywords to use. For example:

  • <h1>Hubzilla - Build a community of connected websites</h1>
  • <h1> </h1> (None h1-Header yet)
  • "Access control and data distribution" instead "Plugins"
  • "Coordinate and share calendar events" instead "Events"
  • "Secure decentralised communications and services with Zot" instead "Zot"
  • "Interconnected services on the grid" instead "API"
  • etc.
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@Andrew Manning and @all

My proposal for Hubzilla-Homepage_DE is Notice: Please ignore you layout of top-navbar. Important is the textcontent.

@Hubzilla Announcements+ @Hubzilla Development+
Can I get images for the web page as .xcf -files for GIMP-Software? For german-version of hubzilla-project-Homepage.
@Hubzilla Development+
Andrew Manning
Good point. We need an "assets" folder with these things. A while back I started to work on how to automatically import assets in addition to the webpage elements, but I didn't get very far with that.
Andrew Manning
Is there any reason we couldn't replicate chat room messages across multiple hubs, similar to how regular posts are distributed? This is essentially what the Matrix protocol does. The replication would be nice in the sense that you would still have access to a chat even when the owner's hub is inaccessible, and we could create chat room widgets without dealing with all the CORS nonsense.

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Mike Macgirvin
Is it gone?

The code is all still there, just disabled until folks figure out how they want it to work and change it if necessary to work that way.
Andrew Manning
The "Nosedive" episode of Black Mirror freaked me out about reputation systems:
Sean Tilley
Yeah, it was a pretty freaky episode, but I think we can agree that it's very much a logical extreme in terms of reputation. It's practically Whuffie from Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, in the sense that reputation is a literal form of social capital.

Interestingly enough, there's some speculation that China will be moving to such a system:

Taken into the context of a system that cannot be opted out of, and is instituted as a government construct, the idea is fucking terrifying.
I suggest the -homepage implements like -homepage. Namely visitors of gets automatically the language-localized Site-Version of in default-language of visitor-browser.

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neue medienordnung plus
You can use the "toggle all selected" button at the top to select all of them
I selected all elements with "toggle all selected" button.
Andrew Manning
There was a problem with the import tool at some point, but I thought that was fixed by version 2.0.6 which you are running, so that should not be the reason. You'll need to enable debugging log level and watch your log file when you go through the import steps. See if that gives you clues.
Andrew Manning
Actually looking through the git log I see that the import bug was fixed after version 2.0.6 :-/ You'll need to update to 2.2
@!Hubzilla Development+ I want to enable the Discover tab on, but if I do it is empty. I suspect that this is because there are no public streams imported yet. Is there a way to force this (maybe via the command line)?
I received around 1000+ messages from this channel from some months ago. Some seem to have encoding problems. Someone else saw this behaviour? The receiving channel is still on redmatrix, so if no one else saw this, I think I will ignore it.
Communication with Redmatrix works really impressive well still, when you imagine how much Hubzilla has improved.
Most of the posts were new to me and I haven't received before. I thought maybe a permission issue, but I did not change anything. Seems the permissions got fixed when you cloned the channel.

I already migrated some channels to Hubzilla, but for some channels I want to keep starred posts and posts that I filed into folders which is a feature I used intensively. Mike already pointed to where I have to look to migrate them also the new clone, but I haven't found time yet, to make it happen and test it.
giac hellvecio
it happened also for me,
but I know that it was  a clone operation ;)
giac hellvecio
I do not know if there is/was/will be a fix for this cloning thing problem, and I do not even know if it's possible to avoid all those notifications, we've already discussed it in the past.
@!Hubzilla Development+ @Andrew Manning  I receive a certificate error when visiting (that should be a redirect to, right?). The error is, is that the certificate is only valid for So this can be fixed by having a separate Let's Encrypt certificate for
Andrew Manning
I noticed this too, but I think it is a browser issue, because when I go to in private browsing mode or in a different browser I rarely use, it redirects to without problems.
Oh yes, you are right. Maybe it's some sort of caching in Firefox. In Chromium (I barely use) it works. Sorry for the false alarm ;-)
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I have moved my channel from to All works great, except I noticed that on now a default avatar is used. Is this is a known glitch and is there a way to force to fix the wrong photo avatar?
Mike Macgirvin
So tell me where I got this wrong.

You cloned a channel. Then you removed the original ( And (a removed channel) has a reset avatar since all of the files and photos were removed. Sounds like it's working correctly to me.

If you're actually seeing this from a different connected channel on, you should be able to just go into the connection editor and refresh the photo to pull it in from the other site.
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But the default avatar on links (and belongs) to I already tried to refresh the photo, but that didn't help. I will take a look again tomorrow.
Mike Macgirvin
Here's the link from the original post

This is a local link pointing to a local channel - which you've said has been deleted. Therefore this link is going to display a default photo because there is no such channel.

Here's the link from your zot-info packet

This photo looks fine. This is what your connections should be fetching since it was updated at 2017-04-03 22:40:12

If your connections are not using this photo, refreshing it from the connection editor should work, because the zot-info is correct.

If you use multiple profiles there may be other factors involved.
Andrew Manning
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I think we have a decent first draft of the new Hubzilla demo hub  at, and I would like to launch it by linking to it from the official project website ( First, however, I want to give time for feedback from the community so that we can address concerns and attempt improvements. Let's plan to launch the demo hub in about a week. Hopefully that is enough time for people to poke around and form an opinion.

@Hubzilla Development+
Beni Grind
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I don't see the posts by whoever reported an error, so I risk duplicating the message:

On my machine, the encoding of the recipe in the wiki is messed up. The display end edit view both show:

* ½ cup flour

but maybe someone added this on purpose.

Edit: By the way, awesome work!
Andrew Manning
Haha, yeah I mentioned the swimming pool thing in another post. Apparently it's the oldest swimming pool in Iceland and they're very proud of it.
Mike Macgirvin
* ½ cup flour

That's a Unicode issue. Andrew - check the character set in the DB.
Andrew Manning
I'm creating a demo hub that the general public will be able to explore without registration by following a link from the project website. I plan to use my hub snapshot scripts to periodically restore the hub to a known state using cron. The idea is that the demo link logs the viewer in as a fictional, preconfigured member, where we have populated the channel with content that demonstrates Hubzilla features. We've discussed ideas about what kind of person this channel should represent so I'll refer to those old discussions for inspiration.

I have a few questions to start. Do we need to run the poller if we don't intend this demo hub or its channel to make new connections? What kind of malicious behavior go we need to guard against? Is there an existing method to automatically log someone in via url parameters, or do I need to make a special launch page that does this?

@Hubzilla Development+
Maria Karlsen
Nice work! :-)
Andrew Manning
I added an event to illustrate that feature, including an embedded map of the location (although the marker somehow ended up in Iceland's oldest swimming pool instead of the park nearby; whatever). I figure that even when the event slips into the past, the network stream of the demo member will still show it since it is the last thing posted, so it should still work.
For now all I can say is the "auto-refresh" that "get you by surprise". Maybe adding the countdown near the "top-right blue icon" and popup a warning 1 minute before the refresh to let the user understand what's going on.

I'm not talking about the "server refresh" but the "javascript refresh" :)

Beside that, everything looks fine :D
Andrew Manning
I was able to set the max upload file size and number by appending the following to my Hubzilla .htaccess file:

<IfModule mod_php7.c>
  php_value upload_max_filesize 100M
  php_value post_max_size 100M
  php_value max_file_uploads 50

Previously I had been setting this globally with the php.ini file but this is clearly a better solution. Is there any way we can safely automate adjustment of these settings, for example during the installation script? Or would that necessarily mean the web server has write access to the .htaccess file which is too dangerous?

@Hubzilla Development+
My personal opinion: It's too dangerous. This is a perfect "ddos entry point" once you have this write access :)

Exemple: You override the post timeout and "bam", slow post attack ^^
Mario Vavti
@Hubzilla Development+ what about not marking posts read when they are loaded in the stream but only if we access them via notifications or mark them read manualy?
Erik Lundin
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Would it be possible to mark posts as read once they have been shown to the user (within the visible area)? For example the Tiny Tiny RSS web interface does that.
Mario Vavti
Would it be possible to mark posts as read once they have been shown to the user (within the visible area)? For example the Tiny Tiny RSS web interface does that.

That would be possible somehow... The question is how big the impact on DB performance for small systems would be...
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My experience of lazy user is that sometimes I get a double notification: one "general" and one "home", so I have to mark it as read twice, not to mention the fact that often times I've already read the comment that is notified. So don't call me lazy, rather stakanovist :P
Einer von Vielen
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@Hubzilla Development+

@Mike Macgirvin , @Mario Vavti , @Andrew Manning This might be helpful?

Is anybody aware of this solution Friendica implemented? I know that @Michael Meer could answer some question regarding the error message and what measures a admin could try to take in Hubzilla at the moment.

Accidentally, I deleted the original post but was able to find the comment via the search.

If I got this right, this was what riendica implemented
  • A post has to be delivered (to many contacts).
  • The processes are not forked. Instead the deliveries are written into a table.
  • Friendica looks into the table and delivers the post using a limited number of processes.

The comment of @
Genau diese Problematik wurde in Friendica für die Backgroundjob-Verarbeitung berücksichtigt. Arbeitet Hubzilla immer noch so, dass eine unbestimmte Anzahl von Hintergrundprozessen gestartet wird, wenn Beiträge ausgeliefert werden? D.h. wenn man einen Beitrag an 100 Leute ausliefert, dass dann auch auf einen Schlag 100 Hintergrundjobs gestartet werden?

Wenn ja, dann empfehle ich einen Blick auf den "Worker" in Friendica:

Statt direkt Prozesse zu forken, werden die Hintergrundjobs in eine Tabelle geschrieben. Eine fest definierte maximale Anzahl von sogenannten "Workern" greift diese Tabelle ab und arbeitet die Jobs ab. Die Worker achten dabei selbständig auf die Systemload und die maximale Anzahl von Datenbankverbindungen und erhöhen und reduzieren die Anzahl der parallelen Prozesse entsprechend. Ein Prioritätsmanagement sorgt währenddessen dafür, dass die Worker gerecht verteilt werden und niemand zu kurz kommt.

Ich denke, dass das viel zur Stabilität beigetragen hat, insbesondere auf schmalbrüstigeren Systemen.

Vielleicht findest Du ja jemanden, der das für Hubzilla umsetzt. Meine Erlaubnis zur Übernahme meines Codes hast Du. (Es gibt ja Lizenzprobleme, die das einfache Übernehmen verhindern)
Mike Macgirvin
Was going to reply before you deleted the other post. Dreamhost has a different issue - they don't restrict the number of SQL connections, but whenever your shared host exceeds some preset limit a 'process reaper' goes in and starts killing stuff.

If you've got a 'worker' arrangement, it means you have to have a 'boss' to keep track of who is employed at the time. This is hard enough to accomplish in a cross-platform manner, but also has issues with Dreamhost, as sometimes the assassin kills workers and sometimes it kills the boss. Hubzilla is designed to survive this and still provide reliable (though sometimes delayed) delivery.

Trying to provide reliable delivery across all these different hosting variations is a real challenge. It might make sense to make it "pluggable" to work with different provider models.

In the uberscape case, you might want to look into shared DB connections. I know this is possible under some fcgi modes but may take a bit of code on the hubzilla side to detect a shared DB and pull the connection handle from a shared file or env variable. Then you open the DB when the VM starts up and use one connection - period.
@Michael Meer Have you contacted their support? I made good experiences with them. Albeit my Hubs are located on a vps at Strato now.
Michael Meer
Yes, I did. Their advise was to restructure hubzilla to consume less resources. No, they don't give me more SQL connections.
So I made for me the decision that uberspace is the wrong provider for me.
I paid already the money for the next few month 3 weeks ago. But I don't spend much more money to uberspace.

May be that I'm the first one who scratches the limits from uberspace, cause my system communicates to Hubzilla, Friendica and Diaspora (lots of servers) with lots of contacts.
I expect more problems of this kind when the count of servers and channels increase.

In between I've got the question in my head about recommended resources.
How much resources do we need for example for a server of an local sports club with 400 members?
Do we've got some experiences with different kind of sizing?
Guess this might be a point for the hubzilla FAQs.