M. Dent
If I am creating an addon that uses something like PAYPAL IPN (instant payment notification) which needs to do a 'callback' into the application - is it possible to use something like


either in  myaddon_init()  or just inline in order to have paypal callbacks routed to my-callback-processor()  (assuming my-callback-processor is not in a class)?

Is this the right way to do this?  Is there a different approved/correct way to do this sort of thing?
Mike Macgirvin
There are a number of non-referenced but important doc files which I believe Andrew is trying to fix.
M. Dent
All good, the comment wasn't a complaint as much as  trying to leave breadcrumbs for myself and others who may be looking for stuff.
Andrew Manning
Yeah, right now the best way for developers to find documentation is to manually search the /doc folder in the repo. I assume you are using a sensible IDE that makes this easy. I'm making a lot of progress with the revisions to the online help pages, but unfortunately I can't commit to a completion date. Hopefully I'll finish in this century.