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I would like to have my profile picture and name as a clickable link that, when in channel view, takes you to the profile page and, when on the profile page, takes you to the channel.

In my opinion, this would improve the user experience a lot, especially for new users.

Any thoughts?
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I think the stress in on the social part. Channel and Profile, in this sense, are not just features or apps as others apps, but special ones. Exactly as the Network (now Activity), in another context.
As I said:
I am not talking about the small profile pictures and names like in this thread, but about the big profile picture and name when viewing someone's profile or channel.

When I have encountered somebody's channel, I would like to find my way to their profile, and as a visitor/new user it is, in my opinion, very confusing and cumbersome that I have to "discover" the profile "tucked away somewhere", when there is a big profile picture on the left that I would intuitively click on.

Then, when I have finally found the profile and read through it, I feel "locked in", I have to "find my way back" to the channel via the small menu in the right corner again, while there is a big profile picture on the left that I would intuitively click on.

In my opinion, again, the way it is now is very counterintuitive and cumbersome, and I do not think this is making/keeping "the UI simple and clear", especially not for non-registered visitors and new users.
Mario Vavti
@b12boy i understand what you mean... It just does not make sense to me...