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Raymond Monret
Hi all,

I updated the French translation in Transifex. Could someone be so kind as to push it into the code repo?

Many thanks

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Raymond Monret
Can someone give me access to the github repos (user rmonret) so I can push the modified hmessages.po and hstrings.php to view/fr? I also created a symlink for fr-fr pointing towards fr, some browsers only use fr-fr by default.
Mike Macgirvin
You've been added.

King Emir#

I found a translation error in the german hubzilla interface. The correct translation of "about 6 hours ago" is "vor ungefähr 6 Stunden" and not "ungefähr 6 Stunden her". Who can fix it, or where should I report it?

King Emir#
Thanks @Haakon for the answers: Your second answer: well, I initially posted the question at @Hubzilla Development .
Your first answer: I only found which doesn't know any project called Hubzilla thumbnail

Perhaps it is here:?
The Redmatrix translation project on Transifex


Translate Redmatrix into your own language.

Raymond Monret
The French translation has been updated on Transifex. Can someone please sync it with github?
Raymond Monret
Automatic syncing seems to be off.