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Hi there, yesterday I discovered why the catalan translation was still missing after my pull request was accepted 2 months ago. And before that, I kept wondering during even more time if the catalan translation had been merged from transifex.

So, where would the best place to put a guide on how to translate hubzilla? I volunteer for this. Just a few steps, somewhere to start with or to consult if you are in doubt (like "hey! I'm in step 3, I don't know how to proceed to 4. v" instead of "Idk what else to do, I hope someone will eventually manage this").

As another point, I'm not sure how the documentation on /help should be translated. I guess it's managed outside transifex just by git, because it's just raw long text, but it would be nice to have it written somewhere. Are there any other sets of text waiting to get translated?

Thank you for your time, nice people!
edit hstrings.php and on lines 3 and 4 change "string_plural_select_." to "string_plural_select_fr"

I've never done this. Which consequences does it have to do it or not to?

upload hstrings.php and hmessages.po to the hubzilla dev branch on git

Both times I did have done this, I have created a pull request to the master branch, should I do it to dev then?

you will have to manually edit the files in /doc/LANG/*
if the file doesnt't exist under /doc/LANG, copy the english file from /doc/* to /doc/LANG/*

Close to what I figured then. Thank you :)

Oh my, looking for a place to save this guide I've found that there is already existing one. Anyway I think it could use some help cleaning up. I will check if it is better explained in spanish or italian, otherwise I will do a proposal to the english doc trying to respect the existing text but cleaning it and enhancing it.

Maybe other translators like @Manuel can be interested on sharing their workflow and what do they think that should be included in the help page?

Do you think this could be linked from the project landing page? At  the /help page it says that anyone that contributes, participates in the project is a "developer", but at this front page, developer section, there is no mention to translation.

There is a lot of work to do, and that work needs developers. Be a part of something amazing. There are many ways you can contribute.
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Which consequences does it have

Hubzilla will fail to work. I was not using po2php correctly though,
php util/po2php.php view/fr/hmessages.po works fine.

should I do it to dev then?


Do you think this could be linked from the project landing page?

You are free to edit the TOC /doc/ca/toc.html
Typically PO files all contain a single plural selection function and typically they are called the same thing regardless of what language you're using. We occasionally need to swap out the current language to (for instance) send an email in a different language and then swap back again.  PHP (actually most computer languages) don't really like function names that are defined twice and this usually chokes it. So we hacked up the translation functions to provide a unique function name for the plural selection function in each language file. Now we can swap languages until the cows come home.

Hi all,

I updated the French translation in Transifex. Could someone be so kind as to push it into the code repo?

Many thanks

@Hubzilla Development+
Can someone give me access to the github repos (user rmonret) so I can push the modified hmessages.po and hstrings.php to view/fr? I also created a symlink for fr-fr pointing towards fr, some browsers only use fr-fr by default.
You've been added.


I found a translation error in the german hubzilla interface. The correct translation of "about 6 hours ago" is "vor ungefähr 6 Stunden" and not "ungefähr 6 Stunden her". Who can fix it, or where should I report it?

Thanks @Haakon for the answers: Your second answer: well, I initially posted the question at @Hubzilla Development .
Your first answer: I only found which doesn't know any project called Hubzilla thumbnail

Perhaps it is here:?
The Redmatrix translation project on Transifex


Translate Redmatrix into your own language.

The French translation has been updated on Transifex. Can someone please sync it with github?
Automatic syncing seems to be off.