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I consider wich approach can expedient for implemantation of tagged webpages are? S. here for example the #LVEE2017 conference. How can I efficient userfriendly by prearrangement and realisation of event LVEE all content inclusive webpages tagged able to make? So that for example one LVEE attendee or interested party with Hubzilla search query ad-hoc get as search result all LVEE2017 content, wich is tagged with #visa tag. Also webpages. Or with search query get all lvee2017 content, wich is tagged with #speichercloud.Image/photo

Actual state is, that Hubzilla search ignore the webpage content. What are the reasons for this?

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@Mike Macgirvin
For webpages I think you only need to include them in the search.

In what Hubzilla modul is the search feature implement? What mean you with " include them in the search"?
You will need to take some time to study the Hubzilla code structure. Modules that are accessible at are defined in Zotlabs/Modules/Modname.php.
Meanwhile think I, that is it convenient as a kind of search index for webpages easy for important webpages create tagged posts. For this posts can I use the conventional Hubzilla search.

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I mean, that is good for Hubzilla-project is, if we all Hubiversum-member succeed to federated other know-how share, other activity organise exchange across language borders :-). I mean, that better know-how sharing across language borders can the Hubzilla-development accelerate.

I have a feeling that many know-how in the english filter bubble and other filter bubbles remain unused. Unfortunately. And these english filter bubble caused possibly to many requests from users with insufficient english knowledge :-|.

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@kris The Hubzilla-Homepage (HP) is manageable task for translation. Or exist already Hubzilla-HP in your native language? I translated two weeks ago the Hubzilla-HP in german and yet get one HP-visitor with browser default language german the translated version of Hubzilla-Homepage :-).

Is it expensive task, one #LanguageFederation -Feature to implement? Details s. in the discussion Instead of searching channel per key word we could search with the language filter.

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@kris What features must have one #LanguageFilter in comparsion with one #HubzillaLanguageChannel? For example german German-speaking people can use the @Deutschsprachige Nutzer -Channel . You, @kris can initiate one #YourNativeLanguageChannel in #hubspace, where contain mostly content in the #appropriateLanguage :).