Andrew Manning
I forgot to reapply the MySQL settings I had determined for They are reapplied now so hopefully it will be more stable.
neue medienordnung plus
Thank you Andrew. and run now rather quickly :-).
Maria Karlsen
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I don't really believe this is possible, for a number of reasons, but it's an idea:
@Hubzilla Development+

1a: Main location is down. People who try to visit it get a server error message.
1b: Main location is down. People who try to visit it get automatically redirected to clone #1.

2: Clone #1 has issues. Automatically redirects to clone #2.

3: Clone #2 works without problem. The requested channel/page can be viewed without problems.

Mike Macgirvin
A close variant of this discussion just happened on the W3C community git. You may not be aware but we redirect webfinger; which means it's possible to automatically discover when somebody has moved. I don't think we're using this currently but it presents some interesting possibilities. If you get somebody's business card and it says they're foo@bar and you try and connect and find that bar is dead, you can in theory send the same request to any directory server and if it has a new record for foo it will send you there.  This *could* all be done automatically within hubzilla.

I don't have a perfect solution, but it's possible (using the chanview module inside Hubzilla) to accomplish profile page redirection in a similar fashion. It would take longer to load in the first place because chanview would in this case need to test the page before sending you there. One could also build this kind of ability into magic auth since it's already going to try and connect to that page.

Andrew Manning
The #YunoHost developers invited me to the new YunoHost-Apps "organization" on GitHub, which allows you to create teams with associated repositories. I created a #Hubzilla team, which will host the hub installation package I created for YunoHost (and have help from @Anmol maintaining).

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Andrew Manning
@Anmol The hubzilla-yunohost repository is now here:

If you would like to update the sources to the Hubzilla release tagged 1.4 and test it as you have done in the past, it would be appreciated.
There are of course no alternatives for @Hubzilla+, but I updated this page on Maybe up-voting can help our PR a bit.

Hubzilla Alternatives -
Popular Alternatives to Hubzilla for 31 platforms including Mac, tvOS, PlayBook, and BSD. Explore 15 websites and apps like Hubzilla, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community.
Andrew Manning
Than the Red has to be removed, to avoid confusion.
I reported the Redmatrix entry has a duplicate of Hubzilla.

Andrew Manning
Has anyone investigated the possibilities for authenticating #WordPress users with #Hubzilla? If you could create a WordPress site whose user accounts are associated with Hubzilla channels, and you combine this with something like a Private Content plugin, you would have a powerful extension to a hub. Perhaps a first step is to try the OpenID plugin, since Hubzilla is an #OpenID identity provider already.

Andrew Manning
I just tried the OpenID plugin, and it fails to authenticate to my hub. I'll see what I can find in the logs.

Andrew Manning
I found it very easy to #install a brand new hub using the .homeinstall script in the #Hubzilla repo. Here are the steps I used to install it almost completely automatically:

1. Created a new DigitalOcean droplet (Debian 8.3 x64 / 512 MB Memory / 20 GB Disk / NYC3)
2. Assigned the hub domain name to the new droplet IP address using RackSpace DNS services
3. Logged on to the new server and executed the following commands:
0. apt-get install git
1. mkdir -p /var/www/html
2. cd /var/www/html
3. git clone .
4. nano .homeinstall/hubzilla-config.txt
5. cd .homeinstall/
6. ./
7. sed -i "s/^upload_max_filesize =.*/upload_max_filesize = 100M/g" /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
8. sed -i "s/^post_max_size =.*/post_max_size = 100M/g" /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
9. service apache2 reload

4. Opened the hub webpage in a browser and completed the steps to finish installation

I chose to install a #UNO hub configuration to see what it's all about.

Andrew Manning
Okay, I verified today that the /.homeinstall/ script works (core: 55ab5360d984700e3145a5933cd1275cfb54b76c, addons: 72ecf029325ec9aa353f87f1cd2951c934d1d3a4) on a fresh Debian 8.3 x64 DigitalOcean VPS.

For some reason, I had to manually install php5-curl (apt-get install php5-curl) after the script ran even though this should have been installed by the script (/.homeinstall/
Einer von Vielen
I had to manually install php5-curl

Strange. We should watch this.
Einer von Vielen
@Andrew Manning Thanks for the changes in the homeinstall script. Don't hesitate to change something there. I do not cling to "my" script or my work in general. I am happy if somebody improves it.

I just updated the to reflect the changes you made.

Andrew Manning
I created a new repository of plugins for #Hubzilla called simply Hubzilla Plugins, currently containing only one plugin: Embed Photos. This plugin allows you to more easily embed pre-existing photos/images to your posts by adding a button to the post editor that launches a photo album gallery browser. It seems to work pretty well, although it is a bit sluggish due to the inefficiency of the database queries and lack of similar optimizations. The screenshots embedded in this post were added automatically using the plugin.

I look forward to feedback in the form of discussion here and issue reports so we can push this thing along to a v1.0.







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Andrew Manning
I've almost got this working, but I can't get the modal dialog to appear for the comment box embed photo button. I get the modal backdrop but no popup. Perhaps it is because the modal is defined within a "btn-group" class div?
Grant Stephenson
This is quite cool.. is this also available to be seen when sending a private message?

did we have in the past a similar embedded photo button when you uploaded a new one (not from exisiting photos) ? .. although, I could totally be remembering wrong..
Mike Macgirvin
That still exists. It's the paper clip icon (attach file). Originally there were separate buttons for uploading a photo and uploading a file attachment so we consolidated them.