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Is there a simple way to use AJAX to authenticate a client? At the login page, you log in with username/password, and you can select "remember me" to get a session that does not expire quickly. I want to do this with AJAX only, and so that I am not redirected to a webpage. This is for the #Cordova based #Android app I'm working on.

I thought we should use the API api/account/verify_credentials, but I don't see how that works anymore, since the string "verify_credentials" only appears in the twitter addon (#dev branch).

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Sounds like a plan. I'll see what I can do.
@Andrew Manning forget my comments on SAML, I have no REAL knowledge about authentication.

The basic message from the talk (video about SSO) is:
  • Security: newer SSO are quite secure
  • Privacy: NO existing SSO variant protects your privacy > that's where Hubzilla can have one of it's big selling points because the ID providers are decentralised servers.

I always surprised that "nobody" of the CCC (for example) seems to have ever heard of the advantages of ZOT. I keep recommending that one of the main devs, or you @Andrew Manning , or may be @Haakon Meland Eriksen , could hold a talk at the annual convention of the German CCC in Hamburg. That could give Hubzilla a big boost.
I would love to take a trip to Germany again. Maybe with enough planning and preparation that could be feasible. I'll look into it!
@Mario Vavti I haven't worked much on the #doco this week, but I just pulled the latest #2.0RC and #dev branches and I like what you've done with the navigation menu scrolling. I still want a back to top button in the navbar of the narrow viewport mode, but it's not something that keeps me up at night.

Since help page content does not affect functionality or stability, is it okay if I submit pull requests to 2.0RC for content revisions?

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Haven't looked in the last day or three but we could probably use the 'tags and mentions' document or a link to it in the member help.
Since help page content does not affect functionality or stability, is it okay if I submit pull requests to 2.0RC for content revisions?

Sure... Just make sure to also push to dev... Otherwise things might get lost...

How important do you think it is to have a wiki-level revision viewer, similar to the page revision viewer? The wiki revision viewer would show thing like page deletions to allow you to restore deleted pages. (I just added a confirmation dialog when deleting pages, by the way).

Currently you can restore deleted pages if you delete a page and then create a "new page" with the same name, but this is non-intuitive and worthless if you don't know the precise name of a deleted page. The page will be blank, but the history viewer will then show you all the previous revisions, including the event of the page deletion.

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A wiki-level revision viewer is indeed useful. Suppose a team is working on different chapters, then a wiki-level revision viewer can show which parts are moving forward. :-)

Tagging of article pages is useful to categories article pages according to several taxonomies, and perhaps to alphabetize categories and the article titles inside them in a category index.
What does Gitbook offer?
Gitbook offers branching, see .

Actually, I think I would prefer if stuff like branching and merging and cloning made it to the top of your list, rather than relatively speaking unimportant formatting. The good stuff is harder to be better. ;-)
When I disable the wiki in the page (#dev branch Version 1.9+eef8f3b ), I can still access the wiki from the page. Is this channel setting supposed to disable the module or just hide links to it?

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Currently it's just hiding the links. Mostly I was just trying to find a way that visitors could find a link to a wiki on a site. Just needs something like

if(! feature_enabled(\App::$profile_uid,'wiki')) { notice( t('Not found') . EOL); return; }

in the get() function.
I like that, because that doesn't destroy any existing wiki files if someone toggles the feature after they create content.
In the wiki module code, I had the following to get the items that the observer had permission for:

if (local_channel() || remote_channel()) {
    $sql_extra = item_permissions_sql($channel['channel_id'], $observer_hash);
} else {
   $sql_extra = " AND item_private = 0 ";

but this does not work. If I simply use
$sql_extra = item_permissions_sql($channel['channel_id'], $observer_hash);
things work as desired.

Is remote_channel() broken?

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Yes, it was.