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Can it be that Hubzilla posts with expiration date do not send delete notifications, or send some not understood by diaspora?

Yesterday I created an expiring post in Hubzilla, which was automatically deleted today. But I can still see my post in Hubzilla profile from diaspora account. diaspora developers say diaspora respects post deletions, from their answer I figured there shouldn't be any delays.

If Hubzilla doesn't send deletion notifications for expired posts to other networks, does it make this feature useful only for private posts? Public posts will gain little from it, outside of Hubzilla. If this can't be fixed, perhaps, this feature could be available only when the post permission is set to anything but "public" (or show warning if it's switched to "public")?
With Zot6, Zap, Denim, Red, and Mule in various phases of development I'm spread a bit thin at the moment.

It's always comforting to have a slightly insane person at the helm. Or actively redesigning the ships upon which we are all sailing. Right?
It's almost like you haven't been listening for the last two years. I'm on a different ship in a different bloody ocean. If you think I'm steering Hubzilla, you're seriously mistaken. Last couple of weeks was the first time in over a year that I've touched Hubzilla code since Mario has been mostly offline and a couple of urgent issues needed to be dealt with.
Thank you for your work, Mike (and all the Hubzilla devs).
Every fix improves the software!
The Channel A find one tag in one channel post  in channel B after two minutes since post timestamp. But one tag in one cards article in channel B find the channel A only after 9 Minutes since creating the cards article. Have the post and cards items different synchronisation periods?

#articles #article #cards #synchronisation
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Tagsearch find the article Dummy article for tagged search [1] for channel  , but tagsearch findn't article [1] for hucoperu clone on hub . I guess, that this behavior is induced by hub version.

  • hub has Hubzilla version 3.5.7
  • hub has Hubzilla version 3.4.1
@Hubzilla Development+ In which Hubzilla version is the bug "tagsearch findn't articles with tag" fixed?

The fix is in dev only; is running master and does not have the fix.
@Hubzilla Development+ I added [widget=wiki_pages][/widget] to the PDL for my channel page, but I do not see any wikis in my left aside. Do I need to add some variable?
Ah cool. I did the same mistake. with wrong widget.
@!Hubzilla Development+ i see random travis build failures due to AutonameTest::testAutonameLength1 test failing. There is probably still an issue with this test...
should be #fixed

ACL for file uploads in /cloud does not work as expected atm. All files uploaded will be public until this is fixed.

The ACL can still be adjusted after the upload.

If you need privacy, make sure to create a private folder and upload your files directly to the private folder.

Alternatively you can checkout this commit 455720ae938126d9a0d3c728beb0a7ba3268a4d0 which is not yet affected by this bug.

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@!Hubzilla Development+ @!Hubzilla Support Forum+

I haven't tested this properly, but I'm posting anyway as a note since it's a specific bug and I don't want to forget it.

If I make a comment from clone A on a post made by a channel on a remote hub, then if I delete that comment on clone B of my channel, that comment still exists on the channel's post on the remote hub.

If I delete the comment on clone A (the clone I made the comment from), the comment dissappears from the remote hub.
Should be #fixed.

I know there are bigger fish to fry, but I would like to improve the wiki by

1. Providing a control to switch a wiki between formats. It's all rendered at page load anyway, so there should be no reason you cannot change the format from BBcode to Markdown at will.

2. Providing a control for changing the ACL. The owner should be able to change the ACL to include or exclude access as they wish over time.

3. And possibly supporting a new plain text option if you want to use it as a simple text note app.

@Hubzilla Development+
I'm working on a related area of code right now and will do it unless you beat me to the punch.
Go for it...
I've been thinking the wiki editing experience might be much better if we use a "sticky" div for the edit/view/history tabs. I started playing with it ( ) but the stupid navbar hides it unless you put a padding-top CSS rule, but then it looks bad when you're at the top of the page. I guess you have to do something smarter, but you get the idea. No matter where you are either writing or reading, you can quickly switch to the other tab without losing your place. If we put the Save button to the right along the same row, then it would also solve that annoyance people have mentioned where they have to scroll too much to find the save button.

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@Hubzilla Development+ I created the platform game Zot's Adventure quite some time ago.

Now I have moved the assets and Phaser JavaScript to my open Hubzilla cloud. I have created a Zen template with an HTML block like the source above in the head region and a content region with the content macro, and a page of type HTML with the content in the body above.

However, when visiting

I get Lorum Ipsum.

What am I doing wrong? Is it even possible?

Edit: I have uploaded the Hubzilla page, layout and block - the assets are in
So perhaps inline works if you have coding rights, but the external script linked to in the cloud is served as text?
I have uploaded the Hubzilla page, block and layout as an attachment to the original post, if anyone feels inclined to find out if it works or not.
@Mike Macgirvin , any idea what I am doing wrong with the Zot's Adventure page now that Parlementum has updated? Still Lorem Ipsum here.
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Hey all,

A few questions regarding 2.6RC and CardDav integration in core:

Where did the documentation of the correct caldav/carddav end point go? I remember looking this up on the plugin page.

Secondly, where do I activate caldav access for a certain channel. The Android app doesn't accept any of the possible end points I tried.


Haha, okay. Is it possible for use to run another hubchart site or mirror it someone? I never looked into how that actually works.
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@Paolino created it and has opensourced it somewhere... IIRC it is a java application...
@Mario Vavti Awesome, now it works! Thanks for your help!
On my dev hub (2.7.0), "Import public streams" is off in the /admin/site settings page, yet I occasionally see a notification popup in the nav bar with a globe icon (I've personally never see this before) and following the link shows me a /pubstream page with lots of, well, imported public stream content. Should I add this as an issue on GitHub?

@Hubzilla Development+
Should be #fixed
Did we lose the ability to preview mail messages in #2.6RC? A regression perhaps?

@Hubzilla Development+
This should be #fixed
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There seems to be a kind of competition in fixing things fast between certain devs here ;-)

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If you installed Hubzilla via git and running master branch, you are only a git checkout 2.6RC away from the latest and greatest Hubzilla ever. Do not forget to also update git checkout 2.6RC the addons (yes i am looking at you :nerd:).

Please help us test this RC (especially install, upgrade and core components) and provide feedback in form of bugreports or pull requests on issues you might find. Also testing of addons/plugins is highly appreciated.

You can follow the progress of RC testing in this wiki. Keep in mind that the wiki is not yet complete. Please PM me for write-access if desired.

For the changelog please have a look at the git history for now.

A condensed summary will follow with the version 2.6 release announcement.

Happy testing!

@Hubzilla Announcements+  @Hubzilla Development+
That should be #fixed now @Beni Grind
@Mario Vavti Thank you! I'll give it a try after this weekend.  I wont be able to pull before then.
So far all known issues in RC branch have been ironed out. Let's hope it stays that way so we can release at the beginning of next week :grin:
Could a relatively recent update on the master branch hide the wiki page list to observers that do not own the wiki? I do not see the page list on the side panel for example at even though I have permissions to view and edit this wiki.

@Hubzilla Development+
I #fixed this in dev recently. I think this bug existed since the native wiki rewrite though...
Hmm, I must have forgotten about that. I haven't been using the wiki too much recently. I'll check it out in dev.

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Being a professional handsome kind-a-guy means I get to shamelessly copy people more brilliant than myself with a smile and a wink, but beyond that I really need help from people more brilliant than myself, and then maybe some of their Zot might rub off on me too. I give you the Amazing, Marvelous, Extravagant, New, Shiny and Free - Hubzilla Portfolio Widget!

Thanks to @Mike Macgirvin , @Mario Vavti and @Carolus Rex for help, feedback and encouragement :-) @Hubzilla Development+

Edit: The Portfolio widget requires Foundation 6.x - webpage example will be provided.
I thought the website import tool was broken in the dev branch, but I just pulled the latest on my dev hub (3fad69e) and was able to import the latest version of the Hubzilla project page. This is a good thing, but I'm curious if someone fixed something or am I just remembering incorrectly?

@Hubzilla Development+
I created bugreport #790 invalid, version 2.4RC
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This should be #fixed now. Please retest.
Edit: when retesting please create a new export file first.
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Hey cool Mario! I just exported a webpage with over ten elements (including blocks, pages, layouts) from one hub and imported them into another hub, different channel. Worked like a charm. Thanks!

Oh, I just re-read the discussion and realize that it worked for me the whole time :facepalm

Version 2.4RC has been branched out from the development branch today. Please help us test this RC (especially install, upgrade and core components) and provide feedback in form of bugreports or pull requests on issues you might find. Also testing of addons/plugins is highly appreciated.

You can follow the progress of RC testing in this wiki. Keep in mind that the wiki is not yet complete. Please PM me for write-access if desired.

For the changelog please have a look at the git history for now.

A condensed summary will follow with the version 2.4 release announcement.

Happy testing!

@Hubzilla Announcements+ @Hubzilla Development+
In fact i forgot one commit with postgres fixes so here is 2.4RC1.1
Updated to 24RC 1.1:
Still getting those messages (Although they seem to all refer to long dead servers:
2017-05-20 21:52:11:LOG_INFO:2gqro6k4kit6a0atoa8i9pa9e6:zot.php:2450:sync_locations: sync_locations: new hub:
2017-05-20 21:52:11:LOG_ERR:2gqro6k4kit6a0atoa8i9pa9e6:dba_driver.php:461:db_logger: dba_pdo: ERROR: INSERT INTO "hubloc" ("hubloc_guid", "hubloc_guid_sig", "hubloc_hash", "hubloc_addr", "hubloc_network", "hubloc_flags", "hubloc_status", "hubloc_url", "hubloc_url_sig", "hubloc_host", "hubloc_callback", "hubloc_connect", "hubloc_sitekey", "hubloc_updated", "hubloc_connected", "hubloc_primary", "hubloc_orphancheck", "hubloc_error", "hubloc_deleted") VALUES ('R0ZQMWIy4ZYgD0T2Sky110TpyfT5gZ4sE5h7TEH2UOPuOFclJGDOopC4g7qCIJqwu7vBku8sJpirlDzoYEr4TA', 'Ct2MK5qaGKb_uQDwQr_ynQzGZdm78oXWscmW0oCrLt6bjIm5yzryUG_m4cLHsyQui_zvIN3R7DM0XwJ8mtbQ4LdmQAS0gjSUlEPIi7AQwMqb5Ay5trXoKb4yaC7zKeJAPY4WCpiFuj2hDr2YmWs4bD-7qUAOEW8NjuWm-HkPys9qexpDoXrbesHMLt7j9bmTmKPj3A1lyuYdFaz-xmGPu_FKXpf9zAZyM7HcVsavbhsYqyNtNUOROSCZRpsqDvxXJ9qLUqCAlNIa6Uh6FDbKT45XRH5XNJOMk4OWjqvYU8T94rzg3m5-PduMeIOt_K3iBQJQAn7TDss7VzJcP8BUcvrhaDv1eRZmlGs_1bDo6CgCe1D19VsL3hMZ_BgOJihBw-p4MB4gwyVpFdy55l-eiZOWsbrhIk73g3RqN6hdF1FJ2taWS5gVJ5thr1lA0VWAnd2e4AKu0yusrv0-E_WW-Z5tJdwJia8cjwux8tvtCPATPGJXaUnnPN8i87or-gOf7hBOHaIUOpivysBwjy7yEETZ8z__4_7PKZ6TkAwP4xPqWMOFdE89ivbVrqftIc4BJOE4G7GtpnY4ERn1CfX5epUreqCIcGJB56EIr5TVYozXnB7wM1uQFebZuwZJZqySR-klBlhfdVvAye54GqfqCutsBNUYok6WbzxH3Pz2izA', '7ZSedv2eW9QF1rhh4oexRaEMec4cnNN9_HG82Oqvazr113OKZio2XPwrdxyzwuvDXl1ETg_l5Qnrw2ya64zV8w', '', 'zot', '0', '0', '', 'aY8s7Tn-VNj_-dp2STRnY7JO_mbJAuu6XVH-zAkm3YqhDgUj-ZfWE27z34fk9qX90jmr0fm1mGYgo7WRSu4tenrBbyupbYVAz2jfsLHkdhTC_POKtIextjRtiPVSbcJJ6wR5Z7JpCuN_XeqBYUqDLqpws1kEr3lRolSs4uPgZwY6CmMhKEABI0283A2DR9g0r0URTqaA4BcgByB4JTf9Oj8dRHesIYTuoR8d5A9XCDLtA3SbZdcUEcWmEUlaNs6cp8mvJxxdzlD-KiIi44tIGdD8X5svC-0dwahExGUWnFSe_c5pPYLYZ4DKTrdiTaNWjYbvue1vneqBJwZ5d9PzNz0CY51KImZMpWm6fYYDYlbVuE3_DJvIiV4GxQgsgqSKVDZr7udskbKWf8vgegKSEEeO5XDdpUGqpqSczboVhIrgfof8Hi-Uxlw7Evw051g582pkilA_r2vcVYbDbaWYzT63G3qscRuIEZtE3rkQPEWaYFff6LxDKggwqFL4iJQgSgMXlVx8eYL2LigXPop6K3Uu6GLUoHLSPOzSO9VLLBp6YvaXutzbrT4JIGq9UNM_tIqHksi03Y8GfG7trgCy6T-s_FOOAg4Na6WTwvJesZo43HDVeoOk5TYZAGdhZ8L1m_ZBXJtAZ4lN2lHE-vYH_bv2NusFxDkYkeJTtGoOdpE', '', '', '', '-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
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@Christian Vogeley i am afraid you will need to purge the DB and recreate it to test those changes...
You might need to export it and import it again after recreating it if you don't want to do a plain reinstall...
@Hubzilla Development+ i am making good progress porting hubzilla to bootstrap 4. It is in a usable state already but still has some gliches here and there though. If you are curious and running dev branch you can simply switch over to the bs4 branch to have a look.
The missing top navbar in /import is it related to bs4?

Haha... That's wierd... It's actually there but invisible... It seems the navbar is missing it's background color for some reason... I'll have a look at it later...
The /import issue should be #fixed now...
On my phone, I don't see the notification icon until there are no new notifications, then I see a grey non interactive icon. If I tap the blank space when I have new notifications, a drop-down list of notifications appears with the notification count icon as the first in the list, which expands to show the notification links if I then tap that badged icon. Is this normal?

@Hubzilla Development+
in my clone I have not received notification of this conversation ... but i see the comments

my clone is in DEV-hub.
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@Mario Vavti
found the bug: when you have the Narrow Navbar enabled you can not see the 'Red notifications' in Dev  version of hubzilla.
found the bug: when you have the Narrow Navbar enabled you can not see the 'Red notifications' in Dev  version of hubzilla.

This is unfortunate. I just copied in a bunch of content from the old @Hubzilla Development+ wiki after updating to #2.2RC by manually copying page content downloaded using the new gitwiki plugin. I added several pages, but then after adding the page with a code block, the entire wiki appeared empty (not even pages are listed). This bug should probably be a blocker to releasing 2.2. Hopefully I'll have time to help debug soon. This is likely related to this issue.