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The help pages contains not only texts in different languages. The content of [1] and [2] is also different. Is it intended, those URL /address design for [1] and [2] to offert? I suggest one consistent URL/ address syntax for help and other Hubzilla pages to design and to apply. S. also subject: serverside delievery of appropriate language-sensitive pageversion worsened searchengine ranking .

In my opinion, is it usefull, when Hubzilla user can for the Hubzilla help the external searchengines of its choice to apply.

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@Andrew Manning
I encourage you to step back and ask yourself why you want to spend time working on this particular component of Hubzilla.

Yes, I want that all
  • will have to do a part of it all work self. I will have to contribute as developer - what I can to do.
  • bring new developers to the Hubzilla community who wish to work on it with you - s. my LVEE 2017 engagement bottom in this post
  • help people who are already using Hubzilla and you want to make the doco more accessible or useful to them? - s. Heliza project Considerations for Hubzilla mobile agent concept
  • improve the language translations for non-English speakers - I will be make a russian version of still previous 06-22-2017
  • introduce Hubzilla to new people and encourage them to use the software - s. LVEE 2017 and my Hubzilla promotion for german speaking contemporaries
to do. I see that all this tasks, all this activity as part of one projects with the one major goal Digital space for livable public space to design and to develop. I present Hubzilla on LVEE 2017 conference (“Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe) June 23. - 25.06.2017
LVEEE combines both communication and rest of the enthusiasts of free software, including GNU/Linux platform, but not limited to it.
LVEE 2017 is organized by Minsk Linux Users Group with support of the open source community active members from other cities. Recommended Conference languages are Russian, Belarusian and English.

I was invited by the organisers speak about Hubzilla on LVEE2017 conference. Here summary for my LVEE2017 speech (and maybe one Hubzilla Workshop on LVEE2017).
I am pleased for you about goals, the philosophy and historie of Hubzilla project, the unique features of dezentralized Hubzilla Grid to speech, about possibilities of solutions with Hubzilla Nomadic Identity and aceess control with fine-grained permissions for information shared across the Hubzilla grid and about them how Hbzilla community and myself are working continuously at the achieving the objectives of Hubzilla project and realisation of creative ideas in reliable and comfortable solutions.
I saw the topics of other LVEE 2017 participants and competences, skills and knowledge of other participants and hope, that  during the Conference will be to make new contacts, there will be further developed - also in Hubzilla space. Other participants have so many interesting topics - I am pleased for live communication an LVEE 2017 and new acquaintances.

When yo want support my activity for Hubzilla Promotion, you can donate for frekonale e.V. Each donation, even the smallest one support me in my Hubzilla engagement. The trip to LVE2017 to the Republic of Belarus pay I of myself own pockets.

You can donate for my Hubzilla engagement for frekonale e.V. . The doanations are tax-deductible:
Donation account: GLS Bank, IBAN DE24430609671174433900
Purpose (Verwendungszweck) "Hubzilla connected people"
Vereinsregister des Amtsgerichts Dresden: VR 7811
Steuernummer Finanzamt Meißen: 209/141/05774

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"Visibility" oft the comment oft @Mike Macgirvin : I can see his comment. My Hub runs Hubzilla Pro.
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@Andrew Manning
I can't speak for other people, but based on my knowledge of the Hubzilla community, there will probably not be anyone else who will volunteer to write code with you.
Some considerations to that:
  • when I and other user the Hubzilla RC's test and write I bugreports, is it not for me, but for me and also for Hubzilla community. I mean debugging is also one job, wich not little important is by comparsion with programmer job ;-). Hubzilla community can a lot more achieve, when potential synergies will be systematically to identify and consistent to use
  • I am interesting on constructive feedback to my ideas and on solution approaches to realize my ideas.

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Mike's definiton for observer-objekt it inspired me for the idea embodiment for observer-objekt as one agent, assistant, intermediary, broker ...
Mike's definiton for observer-objekt inspired me for the idea embodiment for observer-objekt as one agent, intermediary, broker between the Hubzilla Community, Hubzilla knowledge base, Hubzilla engine and other fellow human. Now that in Hubzilla can more and more events to analyse with switch or if instructions, can Hubzilla Community conjuring one visible smart wizard ...
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What do you think about Heliza concept?

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We had a wall bot called Wall-E . I think he ran out of power, but perhaps @Mike Macgirvin knows what happened.
May be interesting for Wall-E/ Heliza-Projekt:

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