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When I updated my 1.12 hub to #1.14 recently, the #wiki module was disabled at the admin settings level and I didn't notice until today. All I had to do to restore it was go to /admin/features, but it is obviously not ideal behavior.

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What changed is the member default settings (off by default instead of on by default). These are over-ridden by the admin or site settings, *or* any existing personal settings. So this would only likely affect those that upgraded from an earlier version and had never changed their features since the wiki feature was introduced a few months back.

I changed this when modifying features to be more abilities based in pro rather than the simple "on or off" in standard. (For example, in pro we don't provide advanced theme CSS settings ability to members that don't have any clue what this means or what to put in the CSS fields).

I also didn't think it was desirable to provide everybody a channel wiki by default as it's somewhat "added complexity" for most Hubzilla channels; and it wasn't a more critical privacy feature like privacy groups. Hence I felt the default should be disabled and it seemed like the existing default was actually wrong in retrospect. My apologies for not documenting that this changed. Some may disagree with my logic, and this is why we have the admin settings, in case you feel that your site members should all have channel wikis by default.
That seems reasonable to me. Thanks for the explanation.

I added a rudimentary table of contents generator to the wiki. A table of contents is generated and inserted anywhere the string [toc] is encountered in the document.

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I took your advice @Einer von Vielen and switched to the existing jQuery plugin. Now the generated table of contents has links that allow you to also share links to the wiki pages that will jump to the desired section. Thanks for the tip!

I included new code in the current pull request that parses text wrapped in double brackets to render it as an internal page link. The generated link will be appropriate for whatever channel owns the wiki, even if they clone the wiki to their channel (not yet implemented).

[[a page name]]

gets rendered as

<a href="/wiki/channel/wikiname/a+page+name">a page name</a>

I'm going to need some help sorting out all this urlencode/escape_chars nonsense at some point.
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Now it works. :-)
Imagine writing a decentralized book with branching and merging. :-)

I added a new gizmo to the wiki leveraging the existing embed image button and album browser. You select the images you want to embed and it inserts the image link(s) at the cursor position.


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Also, I made the new wiki post generation optional. The default is not to post.