Feature Articles: Host and sync your calendars with Hubzilla

Host and sync your calendars with Hubzilla

For most of us, calendars are critical to our daily lives. We schedule so many activities and have so many tasks to do, it’s impossible to remember it all. Online calendars are an excellent way to stay on top of things because they can sync to all your devices, making it easy to keep your calendars updated and take advantage of features like reminder notifications before events. Many people choose to use proprietary services like Google to host their calendars, but in doing so they lose all of the privacy of their information. You do not have to choose between (1) a quaint paper calendar and (2) giving away your private information to unknown entities. You can use Hubzilla and keep your data under your control! This article shows how you can use Hubzilla to host your own calendars and sync them with all your devices using any standard CalDAV-supporting clients.


If you haven’t heard of Hubzilla yet, it is an advanced platform for online communications and content publishing powered by a decentralized identity and permissions framework built using common webserver technology. Hubzilla is so full of features that we’ve decided to highlight some of what it can do for you in a series of articles contributed by members of the Hubzilla community.

In the next month or so, CalDAV support will be integrated into Hubzilla core, but for now (v2.4), you must ask your hub admin to enable the CalDAV plugin and then enable it for your channel at https://your.hub/settings/featured.

Add a CalDAV account to your mobile device and start syncing.

If you are using Android, you can install the free and open source DAVdroid app and do the following:

    Open the DAVdroid app.
    Add your Hubzilla account using your channel name and password.
    Click on the created account.
    Select what to sync.


You should see your calendar events in the default Android calendar app.

If you are using iOS, there is native support you can configure in the Settings app under Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add CalDAV account that works with the native calendar app.

You can view and edit your calendar using the Hubzilla web app as well by logging in to your hub and navigating to https://your.hub/cdav/calendar.